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Dear friends,

After 22 years of development, Hanoi School of Business and Management (HSB), a member of Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU) has been acknowledged as a leading brand in Vietnam. But the more wonderful thing is that HSB has become a hometown house of more than 14,500 happy and successful alumni who do work hard every day to innovate and contribute to the course of Vietnam's sustainable development.

Today, as we all know, HSB has progressed to a new stage of development with both advantages and difficulties and challenges. HSB new team of leadership, lecturers and staff members are trying best to innovate to continue and realize the aspiration of generations of teachers and students that HSB must sustain and become a leading organization in Vietnam and ASEAN for interdisciplinary research and training on business and management.

With the supports of prominent scientists, international lecturers and alumni, since 2016, HSB has been implementing its new development plan to transform HSB as a management school into HSB as a university of business and management by 2018. Therefore, our team of lecturers and scientists are trying best to innovate and implement successfully our unique interdisciplinary training programs, such as: BSc, MSc, PhD. in Management of Non-traditional Security (MNS); BSc. MSc, PhD. in Management of Technology and Enterprise (MOTE), Management of Business and Public-Private Partnership...

Living environment and jobs may change, but HSBians have been trained to be persistent on the road of pursuing the meaning of work and life. On the journey to success and happiness, we always keep in our minds those beautiful memories about HSB, the teacher-student relationship, and the team spirit among classmates... Everything may fade away but the culture will stay. HSB culture is our respect to teachers & moral principles, our spirit of cooperation & innovation for community, and our commitment to accompany our lecturers, students and alumni. Please, come back your HSB home whenever you may need help and especially, when you want to share and have opportunities to contribute to the sustainable development of our beloved HSB home.

 On behalf of HSB Leadership Team 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Dinh Phi  




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